Try out all the games by our wonderfully talented indie game developers and stand to win exciting prizes such as Nintendo Switch console sets and other Nintendo games and peripherals.

Game Mechanics

  1. GGXPedition game slips will be distributed at all ticketing counters and placed at the Singapore Pavilion.
  2. Locate indie studios marked with a robot logo next to their company name and get your hands on to test out the indie games in order to get a stamp. Play all games in the marked indie booths to complete your game slip.
  3. Drop the slip off in the GGXPedition box located in front of the Singapore Pavilion.
  4. 2 lucky names will be randomly drawn at 5pm each day. They will battle for rights to a brand new Nintendo Switch console set.
  5. The game used in the final challenge will be a total mystery!

GGXPedition Game Slip Sample