Freeplay Zone

Try your hand and have fun with the assorted console, PC and retro games at the Freeplay Zone !

Overcooked 2 High Score Challenge

Master-chefs and food enthusiasts eager to satisfy ravenous customers will get to show off their culinary prowess in thrilling team-based kitchen game, Overcooked. Participants may compete in pairs, and those who manage to feed the highest number of hungry mouths stand to become the recipients of attractive prizes.

More details will be posted soon so check back here again!

Overcooked 2 Game Rules:
  1. Find a partner to pair up for a 2 v 2 player Versus mode under ‘Online Private’
  2. Map chosen will be ‘Ravenous Rapids’
  3. Players are to score as much as possible in a team within the time frame
  4. The pair of players with the highest score by the end of the day will win the prize
  5. This mini competition will be run for 2 days and each day will have 1 pair of winners
  6. Players can replay again with another player to try to hit the highest score for the day

AIRDASHER Singapore Community

Try your hand at the latest ArkSys V.S title: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle! Community advocates will be around to help you learn everything you need to enjoy the game!

RetroDNA Retro Gaming Community - The Future was NOW!

The Arcade Comes to You! Light Gun classics Virtua Cop 2 and House of the Dead 2! Courtesy of RetroDNA.

SNK's NEOGEO Mini will not be with Local Retailers until mid-September but will be available for free play!   

Think fishing is fun but you will rather not deal with getting yourself muddy and wet? Enter SEGA BASS FISHING 2!  

The hottest new iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer will be available for free play! Come give PES 2019 a go!

Try out Nintendo games at their stations !

Chill and relax at the Nintendo stations located in the Freeplay Zone as Maxsoft brings you their best-selling games such as Mario Odyssey,  Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Kirby Star Allies, Donkey Kong and ARMS!  Head on over to the Nintendo stations with your squad and treat yourselves to some hands-on friendly competition as we celebrate all things gaming at GGXP. Free gaming SWAGS will also be given away, so don’t miss out!